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Did I go too far?

So basically, this guy who I've been chatting with all of 2 days asked me to accept him on facebook and I very politely refused. And then he got rude and I told him off. But now I'm wondering if I may have gotten too defensive and overreacted. I admit, I wasn't in the best mood when I read his message and responded. 

>> ME: Aah, sorry, but I'm really not comfortable with that. I have *a lot* of private information on my facebook (hence why it's private =p) and I don't really feel comfortable opening it up to someone I don't really know. Um. Yeah, sorry. =/

>> HIM: Facebook, a place where you just post random photos and status's about how drunk you were this weekend is a *sacred* private thing? Haha. If you're not interested in getting to know me better, its ok

>> ME: Have you ever considered that one person's facebook might be vastly different from another's? My contacts consist primarily of family and close friends. I had a more open facebook in the past, but an altercation prompted me to delete it, and because of that my new facebook account remains to be more personal, and consequently, private. So no, I don't feel like opening up my personal FB, where I post intimate pictures and information of not only me, but of my friends and family, to someone I met on the internet less than three days ago.
Had we gotten to know one another a bit better I probably would have been more amenable to your suggestion. As it stands...
Well, at any rate, your condescension is both noted and highly unappreciated. I do believe this is the end of our correspondence, but I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors
And I apologize if I came across as rude; that wasn't my intention. However, your disregard for my personal comfort, your haughty assumptions, and the derisive tone of your last message was simply unacceptable-- not to mention a major turn-off.
Anyway, take care.

I know that, if anything, I can just block him and be done with it, but I really hate being a, well, a bitch to people if they haven't really deserved it. =/

ETA: Thanks a lot for everyone's opinion. I realized I could have handled the matter more diplomatically, but it's nice to know that my unwillingness to share my FB wasn't unreasonable, and that the guy really was as rude as I'd thought he was. Once again, thanks a lot! 
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