Tanya (wimsey70) wrote in okcupid,

OKCupid Hacks

There are a number of scripts out there that are designed to improve your OKCupid viewing experience. I thought I'd list the ones I could find, just in case people weren't aware.  (Hey, you probably are, but doesn't hurt to create a central source.)

First, you must be using Firefox as your internet browser.

Then, you must install GreaseMonkey, which allows you (or others) to customize webpage displays.

You can then download a number of hacks that take advantage of the Greasemonkey technology to improve your OKCupid experience.

First, there are quite a few OKCupid-specific scripts on Userscripts.org. My favorites include:
There are more Greasemonkey hacks on zzyzx.xyzzy's website that are specific to OKCupid, including:

Anyone have any to add?
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