Cos (cos) wrote in okcupid,

stars don't work outside of quickmatch?

You know those "looks" and "personality" stars they added a year or two ago, that you now use on quickmatch instead of the old (and much better!) yes/no/don't know? Because they show up on regular profile pages, I always assumed that if I gave someone 4 or 5 stars while looking at their profile, and they did the same on my profile, we'd both get email about it. Sort of like quickmatch but broadened to profile browsing. Which is pretty cool.

However, I noticed that I had never received an email informing me of a 4-star or 5-star match with anyone I'd ever starred while looking at their profile, as far as I could recall; I only got these emails regarding people I starred while looking at them in quickmatch. So I tried an experiment with someone:
- I clicked 5 stars on looks and personality on her profile
- She clicked 5 stars on looks and personality on my profile
- Weeks passed, and neither of us got emails about it.

Does this ever work? Was this a bug or by design?

And if it's a quickmatch-only feature, does it work only if both of you apply stars during quickmatch, or if either one of you does so? (If the latter, does the order matter?)
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