DCMerlin of the Guide (dcmerlin) wrote in okcupid,
DCMerlin of the Guide

Informal OKCupid Poll

This OKCupid community on LJ claims a user base of 300 members. Many of the names on the info page are familiar to me.

I wish to know how many registered here take part in the forums on OKCupid, and how many of those who do are rather disgusted (as I am) with the state of things in the OKCupid forums, especially as regards the disruptive actions of trolls, but really anything at all.

Somewhat unrelated, my Guide To OkCupid, currently hosted in my okcupid journal, is currently being updated and reposted here on LJ due to problems with the WYSIWYG OKCupid journal editor. Have a look at the updated index but please pardon the tremendous dust.
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