D'Man of MD (fixx) wrote in okcupid,
D'Man of MD

Pastafarian Rights

As someone who recently helped another single old friend of mine to join OKCupid, I would like to say that there are certain areas of the site that need some fine tuning, most especially regarding pets and religion.

I submit that "Pastafarianism" and the "Church of BOB" (aka "church of the subgenius") be added to the list of religions recognized by OKCupid and not relegated to the domain of "Other". It is against the rules of this land that members of one religion should be able to declare another to be null and void. There are those of use who are not completely satisfied having to choose to be Atheist, Agnostic or Other. If I had "Pastafarian" as an option, I'd probably select it.

Laugh if you must, but these are not the only "religions" that believe that God has a sense of humor, and believe it or not the Church of Bob actually ordains ministers who are legally qualified to perform marriages. If the Church of Bob can do that, Pastafarianism cannot be far behind.

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PS: as for fine tuning pets, my friend would have been well served if the options were added:
Likes cats but allergic, Likes dogs but allergic, and "Likes cats and dogs but allergic", so that he would not have had to say, "Dislikes cats and dogs".
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